Published on March 27, 2024

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I don’t know about you, but I listen to a lot of podcasts.  Some are news, some discussion, some history, but there are also a lot of economics and real estate stuff.  Below are some of the real estate podcasts we like most.  I’ve included a hot link to an online version of each, but I listen on my favorite podcast app, Overcast.  I am sure you can find the version of each on your favorite podcast app.  If not just watch via the link below.

Walker Webcast

This is a podcast hosted by Willy Walker, the chairman of Walker and Dunlop, a full service commercial real estate firm.  The webcast focuses mostly on economic news and typically has one guest per weekly episode; this person is an expert in their field.  interesting, but not always real estate focused.   A quarterly guest is Dr. Peter Linneman, an economics professor at The Wharton School. Linneman gives his take on current economic conditions and predictions for the short- and long-term future in the economy, including real estate.

Old Capital Podcast

This podcast is a discussion of multifamily real estate market and news with guest experts in particular subjects.  This is from a good mortgage broker located in Texas, Old Capital.  We listen because it keeps us up to date on current real estate news and events that may not be covered by larger media sources and offers different perspectives to round out our own perspectives on real estate.

Multifamily Real Estate Investing Presented by Mara Poling

This is from the Mara Poling group, a top syndicator focused on Texas.  It’s hosted by Pat Poling, one of the principals and a very experienced multifamily owner and operator.  Each week they discuss how to earn cash income and create wealth with a secure, stable multifamily real estate investment. Really good discussions though sometimes they are a bit in the weeds of multifamily.  The learning center on their website also has a lot of resources for investors, sponsors, and real estate entrepreneurs.